Den Helder

Den Helder is located at the top of the “Kop van North-Holland”. Almost 60000 people live in the city. Den Helder is surrounded by water on the north-, west- and eastside. Den Helder is famous for the Navy and the yearly event Naval Days, visited by tens of thousands of people. In the city centre are lots of shops and an indoor shopping mall. The different kinds of restaurants and pavement cafes guarantee a lovely visit.


Schagen is a country town which became a city in the 15th century. Schagen was already a thousand years old then. Nowadays this town has been developed to have a strong regional function. The population is around 18500 habitants at the moment.


Although Alkmaar is and continues to be a Dutch cheese city, the title covers only part of what is has to offer. For years the city has been entitled to call itself one of the best shopping cities in the Netherlands. As you wander through the streets with their impressive monuments you will be amazed at the beauty of the old town. This beautiful city is just fifteen minutes from the beach.